What Is It Like
To Work With Us?

We are a video production company that specializes in online animated explanatory videos. Our flexible process allows us to work on different projects, from small start-ups to global enterprises.

That’s 250+ videos, in 13 countries and 8 languages.

Our goal with each project is to unlock the full potential behind each idea, business, service or product. And we take pride in doing so.

We take something that might be difficult or boring to explain and using our ninja skills, we distill it into a simple message that’s easy to understand and connects emotionally with the customers, getting them to take action.

That’s what why we call ourselves Videofy. Because through the process of watching a video made by us, we make the viewers finally get you. And when they understand you and connect with you emotionally, they’ve just been videofied!

It’s like hypnosis, but better! :)

"From the initial idea, script, storyboard, voiceover to animation, the process was fast, efficient and creative. We’ve found the best way to tell our story. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Videofy to my peers."


Tony Larks

Marketing Director, EMEA

But.. Isn’t It Complicated?!

Well... yes, but we make it easy. For you.

Like a home-cooked meal lovingly prepared by a favourite
aunt or second-cousin, we handle all aspects of production - crafting every new explainer video from start to finish.

Here are the steps:

  1. Script Writing
  2. Voice-over
  3. Storyboards
  4. Animation
  5. Final Revisions
  6. Delivery

We’re not gonna bore you here with all the details though. If you want to learn more about the process and how it works from start to finish, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You basically don’t have to do any work.

Well.. except tell us about your idea!

But that’s easy. Didn’t we mention that before?

Get A Free Consultation!

No obligations, really! We're not going to just sell you a video. Of course, if you want one, we're quite good at it!

If you already know what you want, get in touch so we can get the ball rolling.

Or if you just wanna say “Hey!”. We love to hear from you!

Either way, get in touch. We’ll write back, we promise!